Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Word of God Stands Forever

Photo & Text Design by: Donna Kaminski
(Permission for use of this photo are welcome)

When we put our trust in anything other than God & what His Word says, we will shrivel under the pressures of this world. Everything on this earth is temporary & unstable, in constant change. When we rely on circumstances,  things or even people to bring us fulfilment, we will be let down. Why?....because we are not made to be sustain by worldly possessions or  circumstance, we are made for God by God. He has put inside each & every one of us a desire for Him. We begin this search long before we are aware of what we are really searching for. We try to find it in people, places, careers, and other type of "things". When we don't find it there, we than think bigger and better or more will do the job. And when that fades we become depressed, anxious & fearful. If you are searching for real fulfillment & contentment, begin with the Word of God. It will give you fresh new life to begin living for real!

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